Gabrielle Roth developed different “maps” within the 5Rhythms® practice which offer us a way to explore different parts of ourselves, of being human, and of life itself.

These “maps” or different levels of the 5Rhythms® practice offer us a way to explore different parts of ourselves, of being human, and of life itself: the physical body, emotions, mind, relationships and our personal history. Through dancing many waves, again and again, through these different maps, we come closer to our essence, our true nature. We begin to shine as who we really are.

“Energy moves in waves. Waves move in patterns. Patterns move in rhythms.

A human being is just that: energy, waves, patterns, rhythms.
Nothing more. Nothing less.

A dance.”

– Gabrielle Roth

Different levels of the 5Rhythms® practice


The physical body, breath, and movement


Our family, our relationships, the cycle of our lives from birth to death


The dance and landscape of emotion: fear, anger, sadness, joy, compassion


Clarity of mind, purity of being: working with the mind and ego


into a fuller,

more spacious life.

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