5Rhythms® is a form of conscious dance that grounds us into the body and breath, awakens us to the joy of life, and centers us into the clarity of deep presence.

5Rhythms® is creative, improvised movement within a clear, supportive structure and embodied framework. In 5Rhythms® we explore five different movement qualities or “rhythms”, which build naturally on each other, and together form a “Wave”, a complete and fulfilling journey through different landscapes of movement. There is no set choreography or steps to learn, instead each person explores these rhythms in his or her own body, learning to articulate these qualities more deeply with each Wave. We each have our own unique way of moving, and the rhythms are there to support us in discovering, deepening, and enhancing it. They are a map to a lifelong journey of self-discovery. No special skills or previous experience in dance or movement is required. All that is necessary is an open and curious mind, and a willingness to explore, perhaps even adventure into new and previously unknown territories.

5Rhythms® was created by the American dancer, theatre director and musician Gabrielle Roth. She began to develop this method in the 1960’s and it has since then spread like wildfire around the globe.



different dances

The 5RHYTHMS® are:

Together these form the



Step into your flow and into continuous, fluid movement


Clarity, definition, direction and an expressive heart


Surrender, release, empty out, let yourself be cleansed


Lighten up, open up into the effortless dance of the soul


All is connected. All is breath. All arising from the centre.

5RHYTHMS® is an embodied practice, in which you can:

  • Have fun: enjoy moving and being in your body
  • Be inspired: discover new ways of moving
  • Learn to listen to the innate wisdom of the body
  • Be present: learn to still the mind by moving the body
  • Develop clarity and peace of mind
  • Release stress and tension both in the mind and the body
  • Unleash your creativity
  • Experiential, holistic, and embodied learning and a deep journey of self-discovery

Deep transformation, one baby step at a time

Through the practice of 5Rhythms®, we have the possibility to integrate and liberate different aspects of ourselves, and awaken all of our potential. However, 5Rhythms® may not always be easy: we will undoubtedly face challenges both in life and on the dance floor. 5Rhythms® does not promise a quick fix, a fast ten step (or five step) program or immediate big changes in life. Well, as they say “Good things come to those who wait”. This does not mean that one couldn’t have deeply moving and engaging experiences already the first time we dance the 5Rhythms®. Of course we can – and often these experiences of insight, discovery, connection, or blissful joy are what keep bringing us back into the dance. 5Rhythms® is simple in its form, yet deeply powerful and transformative embodied learning about ourselves, our relationships, life – everything.Above all, 5Rhythms® is a practice. We dance, Wave after Wave after Wave, through ups and downs in life, we shed skins and layers, deepening and expanding, inhaling and exhaling. We need to have the courage to choose to show up, to practice, again and again. To have the courage to give permission to the challenges we will inevitably face and learn to cultivate a curious, accepting attitude towards them.

“When you put the body in motion, the psyche heals itself.” – Gabrielle Roth

“When the pressure to change disappears, transformation can happen.” – Jan Redstedt

At the same time, each person has their own tempo. Some of us are slower, some of us are faster. Some of us open up more quickly in one aspect or part of the body, others in other places. In 5Rhythms® we do not have to try to be something we are not. In fact, in 5Rhythms® we are constantly learning how to be more aligned with ourselves and wholly be ourselves without reservation. Movement brings us closer to ourselves. We learn to listen to and respect our own pace, our own rhythm; to trust in our own voice and guidance. It’s not necessarily that 5Rhythms® would bring anything new into our lives per sé, but that we learn to see, appreciate, and use what we already have, who we already are… so that we could fall in love with ourselves and with life more deeply, every time.

Arrive into your body and senses

and surf on the Waves of the dance


just as you are.