Online classes

All classes have been moved online for the duration of the corona virus epidemic. Discover the joy and pleasure of movement in your own living room!

NOTE: Currently classes only for students in Finland. Guidance only in Finnish, English classes coming soon.


Classes are suitable for all levels of experience, beginners to advanced students. You can begin the practice with any class! Guidance available in English also. Classes in Helsinki, Tampere, and Turku.


Workshops are transformative experiences that take you deeper into your dance and expand your self-awareness. Day and weekend workshops in Helsinki, Tampere, and Turku, some taught by visiting international teachers!

Movement is medicine

5Rhythms® is a dynamic movement meditation and embodied practice for mind, body and soul, that’s open and accessible for everyone regardless of age, experience, gender, or physical abilities or disabilities. 5Rhythms® opens and awakens a direct, living connection with your body and the deep wisdom within us; with profound presence and peace of mind; with our raw power. It ignites rich and vibrant creativity, community, and connection.

No steps to follow, only your own intuitive choreography. The five rhythms or movement qualities form a framework for movement exploration, mapping the landscape of our body, heart, and psyche. 5Rhythms® is a gateway into a satisfying and meaningful connection with ourselves, our bodies, our movement, and with the dancers and life around us.

Karoliina Valontaival

Accredited 5Rhythms® teacher
(The first and currently only 5Rhythms® teacher in Finland)

I create and hold a safe, playful, and heartful space. I welcome and honour everyone to come as they are and to move at their own pace within the container of the 5Rhythms practice. My role as the facilitator is to guide, encourage, and journey beside you; to open doors and help you to seek new paths; to awaken inspiration; to offer impulses for exploration. I will surf the edge between giving space and providing sufficient challenges, so that we can have the courage to step outside of the ordinary, habitual, and conventional; out of our comfort zones into a wider expanse, a more open space of possibility. This is where we can discover something new. This is fertile ground for change and growth. This is where the dance transforms into a metaphor for all that we are, for the full expression of our lives. This is where we can release and dance as if nobody’s watching, both on the dance floor and in our daily lives.

Why do I dance? In the dance I receive the gift of remembering who I am. In the dance I renew and restore my connection to myself. It’s like a deep cleanse of the body through movement. Afterwards, I feel fresh and refreshed, spacious, open, and empty and full simultaneously. I dance into the best version of myself.

I have been dancing 5Rhythms® since 2006; organized 5Rhythms® workshops in Finland since 2012; and facilitated 5Rhythms® Sweats weekly classes in Helsinki as a 5Rhythms® Spaceholder since January 2016. I began the incredible, year-long 5Rhythms® teacher training in April 2017, and when I graduate in 2018, I will be the first certified 5Rhythms® teacher in Finland.

At the moment I am based and teaching mainly in Helsinki, Finland. I am also teaching workshops in Turku, Tampere, and Kuopio.

Gateways into presence:

The body, movement, and breath

A video says a thousand words:

(Video is in Finnish)

Why do I dance?

For me the dance is an opportunity to pause and reflect in my busy daily life. On the dance floor, I realise how deeply my body yearns to be heard and met. I can allow my body to speak to me through movement. The dance is also a space for play, creativity, and meaningful encounters with myself and others. I always go home feeling refreshed, in touch and in tune with myself, and closer to the source of my vitality.

What keeps you coming back to the dance floor, again and again? What inspiration, integration, intuition, information, and instincts can you discover on the dance floor? There’s only one way to find out.

"There is a dance

that only you know how to do.”


– Gabrielle Roth

Workshops created

weekly classes held

hours of dance since 2012

miles of unexplored wilderness in your own body

"A journey of a thousand miles

with a single step.”



What others are saying:




“Karoliina’s beautiful, generous presence and amazing music create a free and open space for everyone to move in their own way. In her gentle guidance, I’ve had the opportunity to go on mind-blowing journeys into myself and into loving encounters with others. I can only recommend this for everyone who is interested in movement and music. Miracles can happen with this dance and with Karoliina’s heartful guidance!

– Anne E.


What others are saying:




“For me, dancing has been a key that has unlocked the door not only into my body, but also into my soul, the state of my life, and other people. The dance reveals incredibly honestly, who I am in this moment, here, today. Karoliina holds space with sensitivity, presence, and conscious awareness. The best dance of my life!”

– Noora S.


What others are saying:



“Thank you for a delicious dance class! It was an amazing ending for my birthday and a wonderful beginning for my new year, when I got to dance with all of you and receive your teaching. It was my first time and dancing with others took me outside my comfort zone a bit, but it was so worth it. I had a lot of fun! Really great music and beautiful atmosphere. I hope I can come again! As the mother of a 1,5-year-old, it was a welcome breather and break. I believe my son and husband were happy for me that I came, and that they could sense the glow that your class gave me. Thank you!”

– Ilona H.


What others are saying:



“It was great to get to shake out and release for the first time in a while. I now feel clarity, expansion, spaciousness. I’m in my power. What a great place to go and hold space for others tomorrow!! Thank you! No words are really needed, the dance speaks for itself. From this place and state of being, it’s a joy to move towards new things.”

– Petri R.


What others are saying:



“I got to experience working with body as well as being present for myself and others. I learned to gently melt the limitations of my body and mind and surrender to movement. I learned to listen to what I need right now and what I want to give myself. Karoliina’s gentle and intuitive guidance, supported by music that was just perfect for every moment, enabled this flow. Thank you!”

– Annamari R.


What others are saying:




“5Rhythms has become a cornerstone of my life. I’m forever grateful that I have the chance to dance every week. Karoliina holds space in a way that is both fluid and natural as well as safe and loving.”

– Rauha H.