Karoliina Valontaival

Accredited 5Rhythms® dance and movement meditation teacher
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5Rhythms is a creative dance and dynamic movement meditation practice for mind, body and soul. It welcomes everyone regardless of age, experience, gender, or level of physical fitness and ability. Discover your unique dance through practicing five different movement qualities called “rhythms”, which provide a clear container for free, improvised movement. There are no steps to follow, only your intuitive choreography supported by the rhythms. 5Rhythms® is a gateway into a satisfying and meaningful connection with ourselves, our bodies, our movement, with others, and our lives.


Teaching is available in English in all classes and workshops.


Stretch your imagination and move your body in a deliciously sweaty and invigorating yet calming and soothing class. For all levels of experience.


Inspirational and transformative weekend courses, where you can dive deeper into your dance and and expand your understanding of the practice. Taught by Karoliina or an international guest teacher.


Deepen your self-knowledge and professional skills in the areas of embodiment, breathing, interaction, and well-being. Trainings are suitable for e.g. psychologists, psychotherapists and other health professionals. Contact me to arrange a training for your group.


Dance, embodiment, and creativity can be a great addition to many events, from regular classes for your employees, workplace health and wellness events, training days, festivals, and other events. Get in touch and let’s begin working together!

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Warmly welcome to any class! No previous experience is necessary.

Instruction is in Finnish with translation into English, as and when needed. If you are not a Finnish-speaker, please do not hesitate to join a class, and let me know about your language needs by email in advance or at the latest when you arrive.

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Karoliina Valontaival

Karoliina Valontaival is the first and only accredited 5Rhythms® teacher in Finland. 

She is passionate about creativity, a playful approach to movement, supporting a positive connection with ourselves and our bodies, becoming grounded in our physical bodies, and courageous in our authentic expression of who we are.

She has been dancing 5Rhythms since 2005. She brought 5Rhythms to Finland as a workshop producer in 2012 and trained as a 5Rhythms Spaceholder in 2015. She graduated as a 5Rhythms teacher in 2018 and has been teaching full time since June 2019. 

Karoliina has an extensive and diverse background in science, the arts, and embodied practices and she has worked with groups of all ages for well over a decade. She creates a safe, accessible, and inviting space. Her clear and intuitive guidance, grounded presence, and inspiring music will take you on a journey of discovery. She lives in Helsinki and teaches elsewhere in Finland as well as online.

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Karoliina Valontaival


Dancing From Within

VAT number: 2797853-5

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